4 Non-Dated Pairings of Jeans and Shoes That Fashion People Are Wearing Now



Most days, I like to stick to a uniform, wearing outfit combinations that work well together, especially if I'm pinched for time. If you're like me, you've probably been sporting the same jeans-and-shoes pairings for a minute now. And although there's nothing wrong with that, everyone can use a little refresher from time to time.

Jeans and shoes are easy to overlook because they're great everyday staples. Yet, a quick scroll through the Instagram feeds of my favorite fashion people has me itching to try out a few new combos. It doesn't hurt that this season has brought us some seriously covetable footwear and denim trends. For instance, the resurgence of Mary Janes has me particularly excited. Meanwhile, styles with staying power are being remixed. Puddle jeans, for example, felt youthful when paired with a sneaker shortly after they appeared on the scene last fall. This spring, however, the fashion set is pairing puddle jeans with more sophisticated footwear, leading me to conclude they weren't such an impulse buy after all. 

Read on for more ways to keep your jeans-and-footwear pairings looking fresh. Four inspiring looks are just moments away.

1. Denim on Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is a trend we've seen before, but adding denim shoes takes the pairing to a pleasantly unexpected level. We love how Who What Wear associate editor Sierra left no stone unturned by incorporating a denim purse into the look too. 

Loose jeans and loafers outfit



Puddle jeans are here to stay (at least, for now). The non-dated way to wear them is by pairing them with a classic loafer. The contrast between preppy footwear and relaxed denim feels very of-the-moment, not to mention appropriate for springtime festivities.  

3. Spring-Inspired Utilitarian Denim + Active Sneakers 

Pink Denim Outfit



Utilitarian denim is nothing new, but utilitarian denim in a bright spring hue is something to write home about. Pair them with a pavement-pounding sneaker, and put the fun in functional.   

4. Straight Jeans + Mary Janes + Socks

Mary Jane shoes with socks and jeans



Nylon socks add a bit of whimsy to our beloved combo of straight jeans and Mary Janes. While Sylvie kept it simple with black on black in the photo above, don't be afraid to have some fun by trying a metallic shoe or a textured sock.