I'm a Modest Dresser—Here's What I'm Shopping (and Skipping) This Spring

As a modest dresser, it brings me nothing but joy to see what's on the sartorial rise right now. But while I've been stocking up on maxi skirts and baggy trousers, it can still be tempting to give in to the urge to find a way to wear the latest trend that pops up on the market. But just like every other kind of FOMO, the fear of missing out on fashion isn't worth the time and energy. After all, backing every single trend is an impossible feat that won't get you anywhere. Despite the revolving door of trends, it's always important to wear what's most comfortable for you. I decided a long time ago for myself that modest fashion is where I feel most like me, and it's something I don't regret. I'm just happy the fashion industry is finally taking note.

Below, I've rounded up the latest slew of trends on the market that agree with my modest wardrobe and the few I'm passing on this year. And while they may not be for me, I'll still be happily cheering on the sidelines as my favorites from the fashion set pull them off. If you're interested in the modest pieces I've come to love, just keep scrolling. I've included a variety of price points and styles, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Stay prepared for your 2023 modest-fashion download.

Shopping: Maxi Skirts
Skipping: Gauzy Knits

Despite loving maxi hemlines for years, I didn't own that many till recently. It wasn't exactly a choice, as there weren't many stylish-looking options on the market to choose from. Now, I have a whole stack in my closet that I rotate through on a weekly basis. 

Gauzy knits, on the other hand, are the trend I thoroughly admired on the runway but won't be adding to my closet. I'm a big fan of layering, but it seems like I'd be putting too much effort and time into figuring out how to style the sheer fabric than actually wearing it.

Shopping: Opaque Tights
Skipping: Fishnet Tights

I always thought wearing thick tights with an outfit would make me look a little too mature, but after witnessing the fashion set pull out all their colored tights during fashion week, I've never been so happy to be proven wrong.

Instead of full-length fishnet tights, I'll dabble in the trend with fishnet socks to pair with ballet flats or mules inspired by Tory Burch's latest runway. 

Shopping: Elevated Basics
Skipping: Leggings as Pants

Minimalism has never looked so good. While a lot of modest styling involves layering, the rise of quiet luxury and elevated basics has changed the norm. Now, I can settle with simple pieces with loose and relaxed silhouettes that offer stylistic details that stand out.

I don't think I'll ever give up leggings, but I just don't see myself wearing them with tops that err on the shorter side. 

Shopping: Cargoes
Skipping: The No-Pants Look

Cargoes bring the exact cool-girl touch I always want in a look. Plus, they're extremely comfortable. What else could you possibly want?

Also, I love everything Bottega Veneta does, but I think I'll be sticking to wearing pants for now (cargo pants, preferably).

Shopping: Drapey Dresses
Skipping: Tube Dresses

While I'm incredibly enamored by the simplicity of '90s tube dresses, the latest market of draped dresses has me dreaming of events to go to. Draping may not be an extravagant detail on a dress, but it offers an element of elegance like no other.

Shopping: Double Denim
Skipping: Low-Rise Denim

When in doubt, double denim it out—unless it's low-rise jeans, which are staying in the past for me. The pairing always looks put-together, even if the denim washes are different. Plus, it's an easy outfit solution when you're running out of time.

Shopping: Loose + Flowy Silhouettes
Skipping: Second-Skin Fabrics

Slowly but surely, fashion has shifted toward incorporating more loose and relaxed silhouettes into its world, and I am forever grateful for that change. But here's a reminder that just because something is baggy doesn't mean it's boring or paper bag–like. Expect fun colors, playful prints, and unique fabrics in the mix.