29 New Nordstrom Finds That Will Sell Out Before Summer Even Arrives

new Nordstrom buys



Hi, I'm Anna, and I'm a shopping-obsessed editor. (Scratch that—I'm a Nordstrom–obsessed editor.) The retailer has been my go-to source for all things fashion for as long as I can remember. It's my first destination whether I'm looking to restock a basic or on the hunt for a trendy buy. And since I spend several hours every week surfing and scrolling the site, I know the best finds like the back of my hand. Yep, I can even predict which items will sell out first. I said I was obsessed, right?

Since Nordstrom recently dropped a ton of new summer items, you can bet I'm already all over them. I spent an afternoon browsing the retailer's new arrivals and decided these just-dropped pieces were too good not to share. Between a newly launched It girl–approved brand, a fresh Skims drop, and exciting new Prada shades, I'm betting the 29 buys below will hardly be in stock by the time June rolls around. So armed with this knowledge, I suggest you shop accordingly.

I'll stop buying into the rosette trend when it stops getting cooler.

Such a small investment for an addition that can potentially make your outfit.

I can already tell these will become *the* denim shorts of the summer.

Wear it over a bikini for a chic beach cover-up.

These are already in my cart, meaning there's one less pair in stock.

Good luck finding a better-looking, or better-priced, basic.

I'm shocked this perfectly distressed jacket is even still available.

Crochet is set to have another resurgence this summer.

For a sandal often called "ugly," these are oddly pretty.

This logo is peak if you know, you know.

Nipped-waist blazers were huge on fall '23 runways, so here's your sign to get ahead of the curve.

If you ask me, this is the ideal height for heels. 

Agolde's jeans always go viral, and I have high expectations for their denim shorts.

This screams "repeat wear" since it goes with everything from trousers to denim shorts.

This tank has the entire WWW office beelining to Free People.

This is an effortless basic that doesn't look basic at all.