I'm Moving From SoHo to the UWS—12 Items I'm Leaving Behind Downtown

In 2020, I packed up my apartment in Brooklyn, New York and moved into an alarmingly small apartment in SoHo, where I stuffed 50+ pairs of shoes, at least 20 handbags, and give or take 15 coats—and then there was all the actual clothing. Two years and plenty of late-night Balthazar dinners, Sunday afternoon shopping breaks, and early-morning breakfasts at Fiat Cafe later, I did the whole packing up thing all over again, this time to move out of downtown and onto the Upper West Side. It was exciting and all, that is, until I realized just how much stuff I'd acquired over the past 730 days. 

Ahead of the move—which I always insist on doing sans movers with only a UHaul and my boyfriend to assist me—I knew I'd have to do some serious clearing house. But instead of doing what I usually do when I'm gearing up for a major donation haul—which involves trying everything I own on and making a split-second yes or no decision about its fate—I, instead, came up with an assessment. To pass said test, my existing wardrobe items had to feel elevated, versatile, and chic enough that if I had to pop into Ralph Lauren's Upper East Side flagship store, Cafe Luxembourg on West 70th, or any of the many entertainment options available at Lincoln Center at a moments notice, I wouldn't feel underdressed or like I'd wished I had gone home to change. As such, many pieces got the boot, from actual boots (goodbye lug soles, hello stilettos) to cropped tanks and cargo pants. 

Scroll down to learn the other 9 trends I left behind downtown (and the ones I'm bringing instead).

Bringing: High-Neck Tanks
Leaving: Cropped Tanks

I recently tried this tank on at Reformation and was in love with the shape and fit of it. It comes in four colors, ranging from neutrals to pastels, and feels like such an easy, elevated swap for all my often see-through, cropped tanks that I've acquired over the years. 

I have this exact top in both black and white and I grab for it every time I don't know what to wear but want to look sophisticated but not frumpy. It's perfect. 

When I tried this Gap tank on during a recent try on for a story, I was genuinely shocked at the quality of the fabric and construction given the price (especially the sale price!). 

Bringing: Minimal Sandals
Leaving: Sporty Sandals

There was a time when sporty sandals were all I saw walking around SoHo, and for good reason. They're wildly comfortable and can certainly be styled in a way that makes them look unexpectedly cool. But in this move, I made a pact to myself to really pair down my wardrobe, especially my shoe collection, and sadly, those sportier styles didn't make the cut. Instead, I'm relying on super minimal footwear like this pair of thong sandals from Zara that look expensive but are actually quite reasonable at $80. I want them in green too. 

I've been obsessing over snakeskin lately, so to find a pair of perfectly simple, flat sandals in the print for just $20 at H&M was a major achievement for me. 

Open Edit's shoes every spring and summer are a huge hit among editors. The price is unmatched and they are so ridiculously comfortable. 

Bringing: Dark-Wash Jeans
Leaving: Overly Distressed Denim

I will admit that I kept one single pair of old, ripped Calvin Klein jeans that I'll never get rid of, but otherwise, my move saw the end of a lot of super distressed jeans On the contrary, plenty of dark-wash denim can still be found in all of my unpacked boxes. The tapering on this Madewell pair makes me think that they'll be added to my growing collection as well.

Khaite's Danielle jeans are constantly sold out for a reason. The fit, shape, and washes are all impeccable. 

You really can't go wrong with a pair of Agolde jeans, and that's coming from someone who owns at least five pairs.

Bringing: Waistcoats
Leaving: Corsets

I have a handful of corsets that I absolutely adore and have worn dozens of times in recent years, but lately, I've been grabbing for them less and less. I chose to keep one in the move, but mostly gave that space away to my growing waistcoat collection. They're easier to style and far more versatile, making them a perfect choice for my uptown wardrobe. 

Ever since Olympia Gayot joined the team at J.Crew as the brand's head of women's design, its suiting has been top tier. I love the shape of this particular waistcoat and the khaki color for summer. 

Practically every editor I know owns at least one suit from Frankie Shop. It's practically our uniform. 

Bringing: Midi and Maxi Skirts
Leaving: Micro Miniskirts

Anyone who knows me is all too aware of my affinity for miniskirts, but as more and more maxi and midi styles debut, I've found myself feeling less inclined to wear them. Longer, tailored styles just look chicer to me of late, especially ones like this white one from Pixie Market.

I just popped into Zara to try on this set and man, is it good. 

Shop the matching Tulle Top With Silver ($23).

When I think of hyper-elevated maxi skirts, I think of The Row first. This one is so simple, and yet, I've maybe never seen a skirt that I've wanted more. 

Bringing: Gold and Silver Jewelry
Leaving: Colorful Jewelry

I have these in silver and put them on before anything else each and every day. They're as much a part of my routine as my morning coffee and GoMacro bar. 

I just pre-ordered this bad boy. It's absolutely stunning and will no doubt become another major player in my jewelry rotation.

Even if you don't work anywhere near fashion, you know about the viral status of these Bottega Veneta drop earrings. They're everywhere.

Bringing: Timeless LBDs
Leaving: Cut-Out Dresses

Cutouts are fun and all, but they walk a fine line between chic and too much. Little black dresses, however, will always be chic. 

The fit on this '90s-inspired LBD makes it look so expensive and elevated. 

I could, at this exact moment, list off at least a dozen people that I know who have their eyes on this Toteme dress. And yes, one of them is me.

Bringing: Lug-Sole, Chunky Boots
Leaving: Point-Toe, Sock Boots

A few years back, if you'd have told me that all I'd want to wear were knee-high sock boots, I would've rolled my eyes dramatically. Recent takes on them have been clean and classic, however, making them all too enticing for my new uptown persona. One boot style I'm not grabbing for regularly, though, are those with a chunky lug sole. They're a bit too clunky for me and have a tendency to dress down an outfit, something I'm not looking for much lately. 

These are just so cool. I can't quite handle it. 

Leave it to Zappos to put a pair of boots that almost never go on sale on sale

Bringing: Neutral Sweaters
Leaving: Patterned Knitwear

In all my 27 years of living, I don't think I've never said no to a new sweater. Because of that, I have far too many of them to keep every last one. So, rather than attempting to pack them all up, I decided to cut all of the brighter, patterned styles that I grab for far less often than my neutral, classic ones.

As warm as it gets in NYC in the summer, I rarely store away my knits, especially sleeveless ones like this. I love the look of pairing a cashmere knit with cutoff Levi's and loafers on a breezy, summer night. 

A camel sweater is irresistibly chic, especially when paired with lightweight, white trousers. 

Bringing: Nipped-In Blazers
Leaving: Cropped Bomber Jackets

When it comes to mid-weight outerwear, I've come to the decision that I only really want to ever wear trenches, leather jackets, or blazers, specifically ones that are a bit nipped in and reminiscent of the '90s. My cropped bomber jackets didn't make the cut, therefore, I'm sending them off to be donated and enjoyed by their next owners. 

Two of my coworkers already own this blazer and shocker, I'm next. 

The Veda x Reformation leather pieces are elite. The leather is so soft and all of the fits are impeccable. 

Bringing: Sleek Trousers
Leaving: Cargo-Style Pants

For designer-level quality at a price that won't entirely break the bank like a designer item would, Favorite Daughter is your best bet. Everything's versatile and classic, meaning that you'll definitely get your money's worth. 

Oh, these are $64? Let me buy them in multiple colors. Please hold. 

Any article of clothing that feels extremely French and Italian is most definitely joining me on my move. 

Bringing: Classic Loafers
Leaving: Dad Sneakers

I wore my New Balance dad sneakers down to the very last thread, but instead of rebuying yet another pair, I'm moving away from chunky sneakers and shifting all my walking-shoe attention toward classic loafers. I love how they look layered with bright-colored socks and they pair well with practically everything, from skirts and shorts to jeans and trousers. 

These are 100% going to sell out. Get yours before that happens. 

Of all the designer loafers out there right now, these are by far my favorite.