This TikTok-Viral Dress Will Be Everywhere by Summer—Shop the Aesthetic



Every summer, one of the many It brands we know and love releases a dress that captures all our hearts. I still remember when With Jéan launched a few years ago and took the world by storm. Everywhere I went in New York City, I saw the most stylish women wearing items from the brand. I think one of the brand's latest styles will be similarly huge this summer, and it's a secret I can't keep to myself.  

One of their latest designs is the Sabrin dress. It features a strapless corset-style bodice and is layered with a baroque print that feels regal and timeless. I wanted to be ahead of the trend, so I ordered it in the classic black-and-white colorway and wore it last week in Paris. It was the perfect statement piece for a day on the town. I have a feeling that if the fashion set is not already wearing this dress, they’ll be wearing something similar. Below, find the many ways to style the Sabrin dress and shop for similar options before summer hits.

Shop the dress of the summer:

My favorite pick. Black and white are having a moment right now and feel absolutely timeless.

This dress is so flattering, and thanks to the corset detail, it naturally gives you an hourglass shape.

This colorway would be my pick for a daytime brunch. The mixed prints, the ribbon, and the lace trim are perfect.

Shop the vibe:

The person who already owns the Sabrin dress is most definitely a Vivienne Westwood fan.

This bow will elevate any look and is simply stunning.

I've had my eyes on this lingerie set for a long time.

A flower detail has never failed the fashion set.

I'm in love with every detail on this top.

A dress worth twirling around in.

This is a more cost-effective version of the bag above.

I have so many friends I want to give this dress too.

Shop more summer dresses:

Perfect for everything from a backyard party to a more formal event.

I recently wore this dress and fell in love.

If I was a bride, I'd find a way to squeeze this dress into my outfit plans.

The effortless summer dress you'll wear again and again.

Every big fashion trend for summer has made its way into the design of this dress.

I want more fun prints, and this is one of them.

The beads are my favorite tiny detail on this dress.