I'm Flying to Miami in 24 Hours—25 Items I'm Running to Zara to Buy and Pack



Despite writing about packing and vacation planning all day long, I'm not exactly the expert in actually doing either in a responsible manner. Usually, I think about making a packing list all the way up to a few hours before my actual flight, at which point I'm stuck throwing tons of pieces into my carry-on and hoping for the best. The result? Me ending up in Berlin without a coat, jacket, or any outerwear option at all and touching down in Mexico City sans a single pair of walking shoes. 

Given that I'm flying to Miami for the Formula One Grand Prix in roughly 24 hours and have yet to take out my suitcase, I clearly haven't learned my lesson. Luckily, I live in a city that allows me to never be more than a walk, train ride, or cab ride away from Zara, and right now, everything the brand has in stock feels primed for a tropical vacation. Ahead, see which items I'm planning to buy and pack when I sprint over to whichever one is closest to me before I take off tomorrow. 

Drop-waist dresses have been living rent-free in my mind for months now. They're simply too pretty not to be. 

Not gonna lie, I would believe this bikini was designer and therefore $300+ if you told me it was. 

Shop the matching Sparkly Bikini Bottom ($28).

Breezy linen pants are my favorite airport trousers in the spring and summer. Nothing in the world is more comfortable, and you skip the annoying part when you land in a warmer location and are melting because you dressed for your departure city. 

A linen button-down is my ultimate packing item.

I saw these in person and fell hard for them. They're very simple and chic. 

I'm cheering for the team in red, so of course, this red set with delicate gold hardware is coming with me. 

Shop the matching Draped Midi Skirt ($36).

Nothing says Miami like a sheer cutout dress. Count me in. 

Tip: Click the link and look at the photos of the back of this top. You won't be sorry. 

I actually already bought these last week for this trip, so I guess I'm not completely ill-prepared. 

Sofia Richie's hot-pink Oscar de la Renta earrings from her wedding weekend and honeymoon inspired me to consider bringing back colorful statement baubles. 

There's no such thing as too many little white dresses—especially in the summer and especially in Miami. 

Nothing is as satisfying as a fresh poplin shirt. 

The hardware on this LBD is too chic to pass up—period. 

I'm a big fan of a classic, elegant one-piece. 

I'll be needing to do a lot of daytime-to-nighttime dressing, and statement-making, formal footwear is a must for that. These will be perfect. 

Jewelry makes the biggest difference when it comes to a vacation wardrobe. Don't sleep on it. 

My new designer-looking beach bag. 

This color had my jaw on the floor when I first scrolled past it. 

Shop the matching Bikini Bottom ($28).

These on-sale slides are just what I need for the beach. 

You know I need to bring a pair of crochet hot pants.